Private Coaching Sessions


'When I approached Catherine Shea for mentorship to start my third career, as an artist, she did not hesitate to work with me. Through an application process, she selected me to be a member of her Studio’s Artist Hub, and in late October 2021, will be featured as an exceptional trainee.  

I chose to work with Catherine as a mentor, because of her experience, as a successful artist and educator, who runs a successful art business. She has experience mentoring emerging artists and enabled them to successfully launch their art ventures. 

Most importantly, I am choosing to work with Catherine for mentorship, because she has empowered me to uncover my artistic voice. I am gaining confidence and owning the fact that my art practice is a niche that encompasses storytelling and education of complex matters, and my work belongs in museums and art galleries for the public to reflect on.'

Pearl Sequiera

Private Coaching Sessions:
- assist artists on how to market their work
- branding/marketing
- social media platform
- client interaction
- mailing list creation
- artwork pricing
- portfolio creation
- exhibition selection
- submission process
- commission contracts
- website creation
- artwork transportation/packaging