Catherine Shea Portrait Seated

Painting makes me feel alive - experiencing life through colour, shape and pattern. I became an abstract expressionist painter as my means of communicating.. telling my life stories through the lens of colour. I paint using pure intuition, learning and solving mysteries. Organically, I began sharing my passion with others. I believe that we are all born to create. Through creative risk we discover the profound direct power of who we are as human beings. My mission is dedicated to inspire others to unlock the inherent creative force that lies within, to experience moments of infinite possibilities that can expand into all facets of living. Through this journey, we find a voice - learning new meaningful paths of connection to ourselves and others. Paint On!

Catherine Shea began her study of visual arts at Havergal College and Ridley College, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Toronto 1987. She has painted and exhibited her work across Canada since 1986, and is the Director of Catherine Shea Studio teaching art classes, online art workshops, emerging artist coaching, along with hosting annual art shows and arts education workshops for professional development. Ms. Shea is past Director of Primary Arts at Central Montessori School, and has presented her experiential learning workshops at McGill University, University of Toronto’s OISE, and University of Ottawa. In 2020, Ms. Shea launched Catherine Shea Studio & Online Art Academy offering live courses, workshops and video classes based on her expressionist artwork.

Catherine currently teaches courses and workshops at Instituto Allende, in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. She teaches in-person classes at her studio, designs mural commissions, and Live Painting Performance.

July 2022 is the official opening of Catherine Shea Studio & Gallery, in the heart of San Miguel de Allende, featuring her most recent paintings.