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Artist Retreat 2023

This exclusive creative retreat is the opportunity of a lifetime for all artists to experience the majestic San Miguel de Allende, Mexico - known as the world's artist mecca. 

In partnership with the University Instituto Allende, Catherine has curated a week of art workshops, exclusive gallery/history tours, music, food and much more..
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Anne Currie

Catherine's approach puts you at complete ease..I would start painting not realizing the unique experience she creates for allowing my creativity to reveal itself..her approach to teaching provides a safe space for my own personal journey to thrive. I have experienced an awakening and transformation within that I am able to see in my paintings. Simply put - it's like magic!


When I was originally looking for art classes, and choosing an artist I wanted to learn from, I looked at their style of work, and I admire Catherine's - it stood out to me. I've had a lot of fun with the geometric classes, and it was really clear from the beginning what outcomes I'd achieve with Catherine. Catherine clearly demonstrates what we'll be working on through her own work, and as she paints she talks through technique, style, and use of colour. It's fun, and easy to follow. Catherine's very engaging, and she coaches you through the process. She encourages you to think about your design, and the colours you want to use. It's not a copy of her work at the end of the day, it's your own piece, completed with her guidance. 

Mark Valente

Not only is Catherine a fantastic artist, but she clearly has a passion for teaching and sharing her expertise with students of all skill levels. She provides clear instructions that are easy to follow, and you can sense her enthusiasm for wanting to bring out the best in people. Catherine's knowledge of colour combinations is very impressive, as she can look at any piece of unfinished art work and recommend the best possible next steps. Her calm demeanor makes for a very relaxing learning environment. I have only had great experiences working with Catherine, she is someone who truly cares about helping her students reach their artistic potential.